All installations are done in a timely fashion and we make sure that at the end of each day the mess is kept to a minimum.  John will go through the whole system and timer with you to ensure that you as a customer know how to operate your new system. This will include how to adjust heads if need be, and setting up the timer for days you will water and  the amount of time to water.  Our timers are so easy to use that you will have the knowledge to operate it in less than 20 minutes.

We install Residential and Commercial systems that may include lawns, flower beds, shrub beds, hedges,vegetable gardens and hanging plants.

Now that the city of Kamloops is installing Water Meters there is no better time to install an Underground Irrigation System.  The cost of water is now at a premium and the days of wasting water by moving hoses around to water your lawn is no longer cost effective ,and is very time consuming. Irrigation timers take care of the watering with less time and water usage. Now if you check out our Parts page, you will also see a water and money saver with our Irritrol Climate Control. No more water on the days that it’s  raining.  The Climate Control will also adjust the amount of water your lawn will receive on hotter days. This is done automatically through the attached timer and the bluetooth  controller daily.

I would also like to mention the fact that an Underground Irrigation System adds equity to your property. Benefits upon benefits. Go away on your holiday and know that the plants and grass will be alive when you get back. I had a customer once ( no names ) that turned the hose on in the back yard and proceeded to go to Vancouver for the weekend.  Upon returning home on Sunday evening, catastrophe, half of the back yard had fallen into the neighbour’s pool seventy feet below.  This is just one example of the benefit of having a sprinkler system that is on a timer.  The right amount of water and the right amount of time.

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